Florida Professional Home Watch Services And Management. Top Notch Property Watch is a veteran owned and operated Home Watch Service that is trusted and dependable.  We visually inspect your property’s interior and exterior looking for obvious issues.  Our customers have the piece of mind that their home is safe.  “We have the watch.”

Gene and Zack after serving and working together in the United States Coast Guard to protect our homeland now want to serve and protect your home and property. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and peace of mind. We are your partner for home care, maintenance, and security on your Palm Beach county, Florida residence. Let us eliminate the worry and hassle of owning and managing your property from a distance.

Exterior Services

  • Arrival & Departure preparations tailored to your needs
  • Exterior check of your house, grounds, landscape, pests, lawn care, and sprinklers
  • Visual exterior check of your roof, screens, windows, and fencing 
  • Ensure proper pool care is being completed and conduct visual check for leaks (if applicable)
  • Check all doors and windows for leaks, damage, signs of entry, and ensure all are secured
  • Check for signs of water damage, mold, and mildew 
  • Inspect all plumbing and all electrical systems
  • Visually check A/C units for leaks, proper function, and visually inspect filters
  • Check all circuit breaker panels 
  • Turn OFF the water supply if requested 

Fast Mold Facts

Mold can start to grow and become visible in as little as 72 hours. The bottom line is that molds are everywhere – they’re indoors and outdoors, and it doesn’t take much to encourage them to grow. Usually, warm and humid conditions (like those inside your home when your air conditioning stops working) is where mold spores can thrive.

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