• The National Home Watch Month logo
  • An excel sheet of your area’s publications and media.
  • 3 separate business briefs for you to choose from
  • 5 content posts that you can post to your social media.

The first thing that you should do tomorrow to start off National Home Watch month is to share the NHWA’s National Home Watch Month post. This will be posted at 6am on our Facebook page, as well as our Instagram page. If you do not have it, our Facebook page URL is https://www.facebook.com/nationalhomewatchassociation and our Instagram page is @nationalhomewatchassociation. Please make sure to like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram page, so you can keep up with our posts and share them to your own pages as the month goes on.

The second thing you will want to do is post the National Home Watch Month logo to your social media pages. You should also pin these posts to the top of your social media for the duration of the month. If you have any questions about pinning posts on Facebook, please click this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/235598533193464. If you have questions about pinning posts on Instagram, please click this link: https://help.instagram.com/318456537074409.

The five content posts that have been created for you are yours to post to your social media pages. Feel free to post these whenever you want. We made a post specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, but the other posts can be put up whenever you choose. We also recommend that you create some yourself or share our posts, so you are remaining consistent on your social media pages.

When posting to your social media, make sure that you are including #nationalhomewatchmonth in your posts. The more that we all hash tag this, the better chance we have of it becoming recognized!

There are three business briefs available for you to choose from. Please select one and send to whichever publications you would like. These publications and media outlets can be found in the Excel spreadsheet that is attached to this email. When sending the Business Brief, please make sure to put the newspaper name in the section that says (insert publication name here). Please do not submit these Business Briefs before Friday, March 3rd. It will dramatically decrease your chances of having it published due to the high volume of press that has been sent to these publications from the NHWA office.

We are so excited for the first National Home Watch Month and cannot wait to see all of the posts from you all throughout the month of March and beyond.

Business briefs

Media – Florida – South East