Exterior Services


  • Arrival & Departure preparations tailored to your needs
  • Exterior check of your house, grounds, landscape, pests, lawn care, and sprinklers
  • Visual exterior check of your roof, screens, windows, and fencing 
  • Ensure proper pool care is being completed and conduct visual check for leaks (if applicable)
  • Check all doors and windows for leaks, damage, signs of entry, and ensure all are secured
  • Check for signs of water damage, mold, and mildew 
  • Inspect all plumbing and all electrical systems
  • Visually check A/C units for leaks, proper function, and visually inspect filters
  •  Check all circuit breaker panels 
  •  Turn OFF the water supply if requested 

Interior Services


  • Check indoor humidity with moisture meter 
  • Monitor air exhaust devices in bathrooms
  • Run the water: Flush toilets, run water in sinks (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Check for signs of insects, pests, and rodents inside the house
  • Check refrigerators and freezers for proper temperature and operation
  • Verify A/C thermostat settings; adjust as necessary 
  •  Check garage doors
  •  Check  and change batteries as needed in smoke detectors 
  •  Enable security system, lock all doors 

Constant Communication


  • Identify areas that need attention, suggest repairs, and preventive maintenance
  • Upon each completion of the walk through we will text you or email a copy of the check-list
  • We will send you pictures of any significant findings
  • Meet contractors and provide access to home for repairs
  • Hurricane preparation  
  • Any home watch service that you need.


Home Watch Service Online Payment Option